21 December 2015

Gears Of War Ultimate Edition And Killer Instinct To Arrive On PC In Early 2016

At long last Microsoft has dropped a few hints about when Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will be arriving on PC. The remaster originally launched on Xbox One way back in August, with a PC version touted to arrive soon after. Six months later, and with ‘soon’ redefined, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer has said we can expect Gears of War: Ultimate Edition "won't be too far into 2016".

So there’s that then. It’s still nothing like a firm release date, but at least we know it won’t be too far off. Spencer also said we can look forward to the PC port of Killer Instinct around the same time. The free-to-play fighting game is by all accounts pretty good, and a promising sign that Xbox One exclusives can still find a home on PC.We haven’t seen anything of Killer Instinct whatsoever on PC, but expect it to be a near-identical port of the Xbox One version. It’s going to have cross-play so you’ll be able to lock horns with console gamers, but expect to have your ass handed to you early doors by those with over two years’ experience.

For most people Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is the biggie, and this remaster goes above and beyond the Xbox One version with 4K textures and an unlimited frame rate. The original’s getting close to a decade old now though, so it’ll be interesting to see how its at-the-time pioneering cover-based shooting mechanics hold up.

Both titles are going to be Windows 10 exclusive, and will presumably only be available from the Windows 10 Store. Planning on giving either of this pair a go? Does not being on Steam affect your purchasing decision?